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Yesterday's Special

Holy calamity! Scream insanity...all you ever gonna be's another great fan of me

Farewell Friends

The inevitable moment has arrived. After countless attempts to give this up, I've finally found the gumption to retire this Livejournal and put it out to pasture. All the leaks, creaky floors and drafts of LJ have made staying intolerable*, so I've transitioned over to:


Thanks everyone for making my years here at LiveJournal some of the best times online. Whether we've become friends, only chatted online, debated, or even if you're a Lurker McLurkins, I thank you for giving me your time and moments of attention throughout the years, for they've made me a believer in the ideals of online community. You've all been the reason I've stayed with LJ this long, and I of course depart with hesitation and a bit of regret. But the time has arrived, and so I bid you all good people, adieu!

*You can subscribe to the RSS Feed of the new blog here.

The Great Cleaning Sale of 2009
DVDs for sale
DVDs for sale
Making Room for 2010

Click on the images above if you're interested in any of these items I'm getting rid of. All funds will go to purchasing Emily a new point and shoot camera to replace her dying Canon, so you know it's going to a worthy cause :)

A Cat's Vision of Heaven

The Cats' House, an architect designed home for 16 felines and several dogs, over at Apartment Therapy LA.

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Easily the most awesome photo I've seen all week. I wasn't even much of a He-Man fan as a kid (I preferred Crossbows & Catapults</em> and G.I. Joe, but this kid has moxie.

A Handsome Downtown Loft House Tour

Bryan's 650 square feet loft in Downtown Los Angeles was one of the recent spaces I photographed and house toured. It's like a Jonathan Adler wet dream, with vintage mixed in with modern. Check out the full house tour over at Apartment Therapy Los Angeles.

You know...for work!
Good times
Sometimes my job is a lot of fun. Especially when testing a new toy like this Philips wireless HDMI system. I had the excuse of being able to hook up the new PS3 and "test" the system with some 1080i fun (1080p DLP projectors are still prohibitively expensive). Playing the game on a 92" screen requires some ginger or dramamine...woozy~!

Friday Five at Design Milk
Yay on Design Milk

Design Milk happens to be one of my fav sites to read and find inspiration regularly. I was kindly invited to share five things or people who I currently draw inspiration or joy from, and I decided to focus on the five senses (+1) for the theme of my choices. Check them out at Design Milk.

Blog Out Loud and Satiating Some Retail Urges

I'm honestly a Scrooge McDuck when it comes to spending money on clothes, but I splurged a little bit this evening because I'm speaking on Wednesday at Blog Out Loud event at the DWR Tools for Living store in Santa Monica and I thought I needed to refresh my wardrobe a tad bit. Been admiring these GoodFoot Adidas Rod Laver kicks for awhile now, so I only needed the slimmest of excuses to convince myself to add another adidas into the collection. Love I could literally take a stroll a block over and pick up a shoe I found and admired online.

Other exciting news is a sign next door to Secret Headquarters announcing the arrival of a new culinary spice and herb shop! Emily is sure to be very interested in this new development in our hood.

My NY Times appearance

A few days back the New York Times ran a piece about individuals who've decided to live without cell phones, with a few quotes from yours truly from a phone interview I did with a NY Times reporter. Embarrassingly, the article was partnered with a photograph of me, sans cell phone, as the centerpiece image (sat ontop of the tech section online, thankfully behind the pages in print). It was an interesting piece in the fact that some of the quotes were edited in a way to portray myself, and perhaps the others, as snobbish or purposely unreachable in some superior manner because of our decision to live without the ubiquitous mobile device. I understand the reporter wanted to frame the story within the boundaries of some dramatic intrigue, mentioning the one time where a true emergency had arisen and my sister had to resort to...gasp...contacting me via IM/email. I then in turn used Skype to reach my ailing mother on her way to the hospital (though, thankfully, she had a cell phone herself). In reality, it was a family drama that unfolded as smoothly as one could hope in that sort of stressful situation and included several other modes of communication that have replaced cellular technology in life.

But I wanted to follow this all up with something that happened this morning. I received the following email from my neighbor and friend who lives just across and below our dual 4-plex units.

Hey. I just got into an accident. And I need someone to go down and get m. for me. He isn't answering his phone. I'm ok by the way :) -s
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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Check Meowt!
Check Meowt! T-shirt arrived

Illustrated by my sister and offered by our good friend Sonia for her cat rescue fund:Feral for Life. Perfect for the conjoined at the elbows twins in your life!

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