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4 Eyes for Food

These would be appealing to all us asian kids with bad vision (aka 90% of us) and hearty appetites. Except how do I see what I'm eating when I take off my glasses? Oh well, I guess most of us were raised to just eat what we were served and to ask only after cleaning up your plate anyhow (unlike many anglo folks who'll suspiciously eye and question even a slide of white bread when presented).

[via Yanko Design]

*hahaha, on a total side note, I just noticed my iTunes displaying that I was listening to LeAnn Rimes "Best of" when it was actually The Pixies "Velouria". I frantically corrected the meta data, but I think the damage is already done. The secret is out.

I'm pretty sure the chopsticks slide out of the earpieces, leaving hollow earpieces and your vision of your food intact. I'd wear those (never need to waste another plastic utensil or disposable pair of chopsticks again!). Provided they looked good.

Man, I just KNOW I would be picking sticky rice grains out of the hair behind my ears for weeks. Cuz I am classy like that.

Haven't read your other comments so pardon if this was already pointed out... the stix slide out of the frame, so you can still wear the glasses while you eat... or use the stix in your hair for the long-haired folk.

You and another person pointed out my blatant oversight...maybe I wasn't wearing my real glasses when I saw this :D

That must be it. Or you were drunk... that's a possibility too. *ducks behind sofa*

Haha, well considering I don't imbibe at all, that would be quite unusual.

damn... there goes that theory.

lol that makes sense, since im nearsighted and take my glasses anyway when eating.

iTunes totally punked you! Your stats are RUINED forever.

Dude, this LeAnn Rimes ain't half bad...[vomit]

I suspect you're one of the 10% I envy and hate who don't need eyeglasses or contacts ;)

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